The methodology for measuring non-profits activities and results

What is ONLBG

What is ONLBG
ONLBG is a pioneer initiative in the world.

A group of 10 non-profit organisations coordinated by MAS Business, have adapted the LBG methodology to measure and manage their social activities and the outputs and impacts achieved.

The ONLBG methodology provides a reliable framework for measuring social projects, focusing the same on the impacts they want to achieve. The tool enhances control and strategic management to achieve the best results.

The founding organisations have worked together to reach a consensus on the ONLBG methodology, enabling the application of the same unit of measurement unit s and consistent criteria. In so doing, they have obtained a useful tool for both large and small third sector organisations who want to measure their results, optimize their resources, and be able to reliably communicate their good work.

The ONLBG group serves to establish a common language within the third sector, agree criteria and promote transparency in measuring social activities.

LBG is a methodology is used internationally to measure corporate community investment and its return. LBG is recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and over 200 companies use it around the world.

ONLBG promotes understanding within the companies using LBG.
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