The methodology for measuring non-profits activities and results

How to become a user

How to become a user
Any not for profit organisation may use the ONLBG framework for managing, measuring and communicating its projects.

The steps to follow to become a user of its Online tool masimpact:

       1. Complete the online application form. DOWNLOAD HERE (Once completed send to [email protected])

       2. Before 3 days we will contact you to give you the most suitable offer for your needs and specify the date of training.

       3. The NPO will be entitled to a free review of one of its projects. This revision will be carried out by MAS Business, and once the correct application of the model has been checked, the ONLBG stamp will be awarded to the reviewed project.

Economic conditions
Access to the ONLBG methodology and use of the tool masimpact
from 500€ annually.

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